France, 2009
7min 15 sec. Mini DV, Colour, Stereo

Press Quotes

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“Federico Rossin’s Best films of 2009: Material – Thomas Heise, Gran Torino – Clint Eastwood, Le streghe – Jean-Marie Straub, 36 vues du pic Saint Loup*- Jacques Rivette, *Mary & Max – Adam Elliott,  Waterfront Follies – Ernie Gehr, Vincere – Marco Bellocchio, STILL – Laura Waddington, Répons – Marylène Negro, Double Take – Johan Grimonprez”
Federico Rossin, IL MANIFESTO, Italy

“The urgency of STILL is expressed in the pixelated images, unique testimony of people like Joachim Gatti, victim of a flashball that caused the loss of his eye, and of tens of men and children, whose lives were snatched away by police violence. The soundtrack is filled with the sound of machine guns, which punctuate this mosaic of human misery that exposes the will to render invisible
José Sarmiento Hinojosa DESIST FILM, Peru
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“First, she tests the latest industrial audiovisual technologies to call into question her own gaze. Thus a radical experimentation with mini DV can be seen in her work from the 1990s on… ZONE (1995)… The Lost Days (1999)… the images of police violence downloaded for STILL (2009). The technology is therefore able to resonate with her two other preoccupations: to make acts of resilience and systematic disobedience in the face of the obstacles created by anti-immigration policies and the dismantling of the right of asylum; and to focus sustained attention on “those whom society doesn’t care or dare to see; people waiting in limbo and at borders because they do not fit the dominant political narrative or our current economic needs.”
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