May 2020


Accidents of Material and Chance: A Conversation with Laura Waddington by Pamela Cohn
about my recently completed graphic novel, set in Iraq: Are you a river? – M’s Story (forthcoming), has been published in the new UK print journal Non Fiction Journal: Issue 01, Power 2020 and can also be purchased in print form at the enclosed link.



CARGO and Border are being streamed online at Desist Film with Spanish version available, from 29 May 2020, as part of the “Women in Resistance” program, during the quarantine. Sending all best wishes to all in Peru and across the region. Stay safe and well:

“Over the next four weeks, we will replicate part of the “Women in Resistance” program, curated by Desistfilm and Nicole Brenez. There will be six films by filmmakers from different parts of the world, who have dedicated these works to leave testimony of different manifestations of political resistance, focused on essential problems of the world around us: migration, revolution, memory, violence and censorship. This first week, we open the cycle with two short films by Laura Waddington”

Desist Film

October 2019

New project:

Are you a river? (after a poem by Badr Shakir al-Sayyab) is close to completion:

It comprises two parts:

A graphic novel about an Iraqi man, who was mistakenly imprisoned and tortured under Saddam Hussein’s regime

A book about the months that Laura Waddington spent in Jordan with Iraqi refugee

This project may potentially also be presented in digital form.

Curent and upcoming exhibitions:


Transfert, Galeria Studio, Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw, Poland (curated by Teodor Ajder, Natalia Andrzejewska, Tomasz Szerszen, Dorota Jarecka) September – November 2019


“Expanded Mediterranean”, curated by Tanja Vrvilo for the project “UNSEEN” created by the artist Karla Crncevic, gallery FLORA, Dubrovnik, Croatia, November 2019

Upcoming screenings:

Still, Border and CARGO

“Tres Cortos de Laura Waddington” in the cycle “Mujeres en La Resistencia/ Women of the Resistance” (Curated by Monica Delgado, Jose Sarmiento and Nicole Brenez) at Cámara Lúcida – IV Festival Internacional de Cine. Ecuador, Alianza Francesa de Cuenca, Ecuador, October 23 2019

Trailer for “Mujeres en La Resistencia” on vimeo


Les Rencontres autour du Film Ethnographique de Grenoble, 23 édition, Cinémathèque de Grenoble, France, November 2019


Chroma: 20ème édition “Aux Ecrans du Reel: Festival de Films Documentaires”, Le Mans, France, November 2019


“Images Clandestines: Comment Raconter les Migrations” in “Images Migrantes – Rencontres cinema et migrations”, (organised by Réseau Traces) Lyon, France, 2019

Recent Articles:

Panorama: Tres Cortometrajes de Laura Waddington, by José Sarmiento HinojosaDesistfilm, Online Film Journal, 2019

Read Spanish version at Desist Film

#Crucial21DbW: Border by José Sarmiento Hinojosa, Crucial 21st Century Cinema #DirectedbyWomen, 2019

Read at Crucial 21st Century Cinema